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They say the gut is your “second brain”.  It is also where a large part of your immune system lives.  Our fermented products help to build a thriving gut flora as well as provide energy, vitamins, and nutrients.

Body Care

Body Care

A modest selection of premium, luxurious skin care items to revive and rejuvenate.



Sharing is caring.  What better way to show we care for our planet than to learn how to understand, translate and share the intelligence of nature, to help others help themselves and the planet.

Why Choose Mister Grow It All?

Quality Matters

All products are hand-produced, using the two best techniques ever invented, loving and caring!  We also wash our hands a lot, like a lot!


From our year-round GeoDome greenhouse, to Automation, to a closed Aquaponics ecosystem, we are always building towards a better food-future.

Buy Local

Buying local means reducing environmental footprint … it also means we have a local (and contact-free) delivery option!


Permaculture practices (like on-site composting, heirloom and local seeds, inter-planting, and beneficial wildflowers) help us to align better with nature to foster an environment that helps nature thrive.


Offer of The Season!

We have planned a guilt-free evening of indulgence.  You will start off with a light salad of fresh greens and sprouts.  Next, why not soak your troubles away with a soothing bath bomb… or two.  Then curl up with some scrumptious gluten-free, spice cookies and a gut-boosting Jun tea, all while hydrating and protecting your hard working skin with our creamy body butter!

… sounds good, right?


Summer Pick Pack

Offer price: $60.00

Free delivery to Calgary area!

Select any 3 of the below:

  • Any 2 (500ml) packs of fresh picked Fieldgreens Salads (mild or medium spicy)
  • Any 3 (250ml) pack of Microgreens or Sprouts
  • Any 2 Bath Bombs
  • Any 3 Jun Tea flavours*
  • Any one 250ml Body Butter
  • Any 3 (250ml) pack of Gluten Free spice cookie (Pumpkin or Ginger)

* Jun Tea available for pick up from Farmers’ Market

Latest News

Basic Seed Planting Video

Spring 2021

In this video, we share our basics for planting out seeds in seed trays… self explanatory?  Yep, but here it is anyways 😊


We had some late-spring snow (zone 4a) and thought we would get on some additional trays, for after last frost.

New Farmers’ Market!

May 2021

We’re baaaack!  Looks like conditions are favourable to start offering all the tasty, wellness-booting delectables once again.  This summer, we are joining the amazing group over at cSPACE King Edward in Calgary for their Saturday Farmers’ & Makers’ Market every week from 10 – 2.  See you there (*^_^*)